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When it comes to purchasing office furniture, buying used is often a smart choice

When it comes to purchasing office furniture, buying used is often a smart choice. Unlike new items, which often require assembly and installation, most used pieces are ready to go right out of the box. Choosing to buy used can save businesses up to 70% on their overall costs. Additionally, this method can help to conserve valuable resources.

Taking an inventory is a critical first step for any company looking to manage its office surplus. It will provide a starting point for determining what is worth keeping, selling, donating or recycling.

Once a comprehensive inventory is completed, the most effective way to move forward is by developing a comprehensive disposal plan. This will include a breakdown of all the hard and soft costs associated with disposing of the furniture, as well as a timeline of when this will be accomplished. It will also identify what is considered garbage, such as broken chairs and desks that can’t be reused, refurbished or recycled, which should be separated from the reusable items so that vendors can factor this cost into their bids.

Liquidating or landfilling unwanted office furniture https://furplab.com/ is not a good idea for several reasons. In addition to the obvious financial cost, it is a waste of the furniture’s potential to be recycled, and it doesn’t make fiscal sense for a business to lose out on a revenue-generating opportunity.

The other problem with treating a surplus as garbage is the environmental impact. Office furniture is a significant contributor to landfills, and it’s increasingly expensive to dispose of it properly. In fact, some companies pay third-party companies to haul and dump their excess furniture, which isn’t a sustainable solution in the long run.

Lastly, it’s important for companies to take the time to understand their furniture’s individual value. This is particularly true if they intend to sell their products. For example, Aeron office chairs tend to retain their value for resale, while filing cabinets and workstations can be easily recycled for their metal content. A proper inventory will help to identify these differences, so a company can maximize the value of its assets.

Ultimately, buying re-used office furniture is one of the most environmentally responsible things that any company can do. By keeping older but otherwise sound products out of landfills, it allows these items to continue to contribute to a productive and healthy workplace. Davies Office is proud to be a part of this circular economy, helping customers reduce their environmental footprint without sacrificing quality and affordability.

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