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Can Snus Help You to Quit Smoking?

The use of smokeless tobacco, or snus, has grown in popularity in recent decades. It is estimated that around a fifth of all Swedish adults use it regularly and in some areas, such as southern Sweden, it has overtaken smoking as the dominant method of using nicotine.

Snus is made by grinding up tobacco leaves and mixing them with a variety of flavorings to create a smooth, low-tobacco product that can be placed under the lip where it dissolves in about 30 minutes to deliver a long-lasting and pleasant nicotine high. It can also help to relieve the symptoms of bronchitis and chronic coughing, improve blood circulation in the lungs, and boost mood and concentration.

There are many different snus heysnus.com/es products available, from traditional tobacco-centric options to modern alternatives such as mint and whisky. There is also a large range of strengths, from mild to extra strong. It can be helpful to try a few different brands before finding your favourite.

In general, snus is less harmful than regular cigarette smoking and there is growing evidence that it can be useful in helping people to quit smoking. However, research to date has been mixed and a number of studies have found that snus users do not experience improved health outcomes compared with non-smokers.

A study of Norwegian snus smokers reported that a majority perceived the harm of daily snus use to be the same as or slightly higher than cigarette smoking. It is therefore important that users pursue the same quitting strategies as cigarette smokers, including seeking support groups and nicotine replacement therapies.

The gateway hypothesis, which claims that snus could lead to a relapse in tobacco use among non-smokers who begin using it, has been largely disproven. A snus user’s decision to continue using the product may be based on the enjoyment, convenience and perceived safety of snus, rather than the gateway effect.

Several studies of Swedish snus users have found that those who do not smoke regularly and use snus only occasionally are no more likely to start smoking than those who don’t use snus. However, other studies have found that snus use can increase the likelihood of future smoking – even in those who have never smoked cigarettes before.

Snus can be bought in a variety of places, but purchasing online is the best choice as it allows for a wider selection, correct storage ensuring freshness, competitive pricing and a convenient buying experience. Many of the largest snus suppliers offer free shipping and returns for their customers. They will also store snus in a cool, dry environment to ensure the quality of the product and that it is ready for dispatch when ordered. This can also reduce the time between order and delivery to your doorstep. In addition, some snus companies offer loyalty programs and rewards to encourage continued use of their products.

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