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Budgeting For Hydrovac Excavation Services

Using hydrovac excavation services can significantly increase the speed of your construction project. It’s also safer for workers and in-ground utilities, as it reduces the risk of shovel strikes that could damage important structures or cause accidents. However, budgeting for this type of work requires careful consideration of a number of factors.

Before calculating your hydrovac excavation services costs, start with a thorough site assessment that includes the scope of work, environmental conditions and utility presence. Accurately assessing these factors will help you determine the potential challenges and hazards that may impact your project’s timeline and cost.

Then, create a detailed cost estimate to include labor, equipment rental and transportation, permits, disposal fees, and any other relevant expenses. In addition, be sure to consider a contingency fund for any unexpected challenges that may arise. Lastly, keep detailed records of all expenditures and invoices throughout the process. This documentation will help you manage your project effectively and provide accountability for any changes made to your budget.

One advantage of hydrovac excavation is greater accuracy than traditional digging. This helps minimize the risk of damaging underground infrastructure, allowing you to complete projects with fewer interruptions and less disruption to traffic. Another benefit of this method is that it saves time by reducing the amount of soil that needs to be removed. Additionally, hydrovac excavation provides a cleaner worksite and reduces the amount of waste that is disposed in landfills.

To perform hydrovac excavation, technicians use a truck with a vacuum source and a hose. The hose is connected to a boom that’s equipped with a digging tool and nozzle. The nozzle can be directed to dig around exposed underground utilities, such as water, gas, electric and telecommunication lines. The vacuum then transports the liquefied soil to a tank attached to the truck for safe disposal.

Safety should be the top priority for all construction workers, but it’s especially crucial when digging with a hydrovac. Aside from the threat of hitting buried pipes or cables, damage caused by improper handling can lead to serious injury for workers and property loss. When hiring hydrovac excavating contractors, be sure that their crews are fully trained and follow proper safety protocols and procedures.

In addition, make sure your contractor has a thorough understanding of local laws and regulations regarding bridge and dump site restrictions. The weight and size of a hydrovac truck can strain even sturdy bridges. And, dumping debris on public land can cause major environmental and health risks.

With a skilled crew and the right equipment, you can count on hydrovac excavation to safely and quickly remove underground materials without damaging vital infrastructure. By combining the best of old and new technology, this safe and environmentally friendly excavation method is the ideal choice for jobs that require precision and a low risk of harming buried utilities. To get started, contact a trusted hydrovac excavation services in calgary provider such as Performance Contracting, Inc. With locations across the country, they have the experience and expertise needed to tackle projects of any complexities.

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