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Bathroom Storage Solutions: Clever Ideas to Maximize Organization

If you’re looking to streamline your bathroom storage, you’ll want a few clever ideas to keep your favorite bath products, towels and toiletries neatly organized and easy to find. Whether your bathroom is large or small, there’s a solution to suit any budget or style. Follow our guide to a more organized space that will leave you feeling refreshed every time you enter the room.

Boost Storage in Drawers

If your linen closet or bathroom cabinet is getting full, opt for a simple drawer divider like this one from @neatbymeg to create multiple sections for storing various items. It helps to organize larger things that might be tossed in a drawer, such as skincare and beauty products, and it also makes it easier to spot smaller items, like cotton swabs and hair accessories.

Another way to add more storage¬†Chicago Bathroom Remodeller without sacrificing floor space is by using furniture pieces typically found in other rooms of the home. For example, a bar cart, which is commonly used to hold kitchen supplies, can double as extra bathroom storage for toilet paper rolls, baskets of tissues and more. If you don’t have a cart, a small shelf can also serve as a stylish way to store a collection of decorative items or an abundance of toiletries.

Wall-mounted shelving is a great bathroom storage option for those who don’t have the budget or space for built-in cabinets. It allows you to tuck items out of sight and keeps your countertops clear. You can choose from a variety of styles, such as this sleek, modern shelving from Shannon Tate Interiors that features a simple wood finish. The shelves can be filled with baskets, a stack of towels or a mix of other decorative items.

You can also free up some floor space by putting your towel bar or hooks inside your cupboard doors. In this bathroom from Almost Makes Perfect, adhesive hooks attached to the back of the door transform this space into a holder for a few hair tools and other necessities. This way, you can keep your essentials close at hand while keeping the door closed for a clean look.

A repurposed ladder can be an inexpensive way to hang a few towels, as seen in this bathroom from Lovely Indeed. It saves space in your linen closet or on a bathroom shelf and adds a touch of rustic charm to the room. If you prefer a more refined look, you can use a rolling rack or a set of tiered baskets to hold your robe and towels.

Adding a repurposed spice rack to the back of a cabinet door helps maximize limited space and keeps your essentials within reach. This DIY hack, from Almost Makes Perfect, will help you to make the most of your bathroom vanity and keep everything organized.

Another way to boost the function of your bathroom is by repurposing a Mason jar. This repurposed bathroom storage project from DIY Playbook is an easy weekend-project that can be used to keep your beauty products and other small items neatly organized. You can even label the jars to make them easy to spot.

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