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Fleet Services Calgary

Fleet Services Calgary

The City of Calgary is a hive of activity with a large fleet that provides front-line services such as waste and recycling, street and highway maintenance, water main repair and public space enhancements. Our Fleet Services team supports these business units by managing vehicle and equipment fleet maintenance, operator safety, fleet management and fleet innovation.

A Fleet Manager is a key player in any fleet, and it’s up to them to ensure all vehicles are in safe working order. This includes ensuring preventative maintenance is in place to avoid costly breakdowns that can affect productivity and reduce the overall lifespan of the vehicle.

There are many things a fleet manager needs to consider when it comes to the big picture, from managing drivers and their schedules to keeping track of vehicle maintenance records, fuel usage and insurance claims. Some of these tasks may seem like overkill, but they are vital for a smooth operation.

In this day and age, with changing legislation and an ever-increasing fleet of vehicles, fleet managers must make decisions that will keep their ops running smoothly. They need to understand the best way to manage a fleet and ensure they meet compliance requirements while still operating within budget constraints.

Fleet management consists of tracking, monitoring and analyzing the performance of a fleet of vehicles to maximize efficiency while meeting government regulations. This learn more here can be done through the use of a variety of tools such as GPS, telematics, fleet software and mobile apps.

The most impressive of these technologies is the ability to track and record a wide range of data such as location, speed, time of day, driver behavior and more. This can be used to identify and correct areas of inefficiency, such as above-average fuel use or excessive idling times.

Using a telematics system to monitor fleet performance can be an effective strategy for any organization, large or small. These systems provide a multitude of benefits that can help a company save money, increase customer satisfaction and improve employee morale.

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